WTW #03: Make it happen and share it with others!

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Michael Chaize shares how he sees trends in web design, talks about his musical inspirations, web fonts and creative plans for the future.

Create 3D-like flower in Illustrator with just a few clicks

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In this demo I create a 3D-like flower in Adobe Illustrator just with a few clicks. The Danish artist Maria Grønlund shared this workflow at the Adobe Inspire webinar. The result of my exercise is in no way an accomplished work of art but just that – an exercise. Try it out you too!

Spare the self-critic. Burn yourself like a good bonfire!

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Many critical voices against the self-critic The poster for Bold and Fearless Poster class A few times during the live class on Bold and Fearless poster [...]

WTW #02: Experiment with everything!

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Irina chats with web designer and Adobe Evangelist Michael Chaize in which Michael explains why he believes we live in the best time for being a designer. This is the first part of a two-part conversation.

Same, same, no different

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Today I took a few moments to scan through Apple's updated policy before tapping the agree button. Apple now offers a two-week return policy for iTunes, iBooks [...]

WTW#01: Welcome to What the Web!

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Irina introduces the podcast and blog for web creatives of all flavours. Join in the conversation!